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Welcome to the PAWS Hub! 

Here you will find a variety of experienced community-minded individuals who have the expertise in a variety of areas you are looking for; a one-stop-shop at your fingertips of great people who do great work. 

Our Founder, Kat Mooney, says: “I have had the opportunity to work with these professionals. They have the highest integrity and they make a difference in our community. I would strongly encourage anyone in need of their expertise to give them a call.”

The PAWS Hub Members Promise

When you choose to work with any member of the PAWS Hub, you are supporting a local charity because each member has agreed to make a charitable donation of their choice to Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society (IWARS). The concept is simple, we help each other and we support IWARS to forward their mission of helping animals in need. 

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Meet the Members of our PAWS Hub

Health, Wellness & Organization

Jacqueline Legault

My partner, Troy Stewart, and I specialize in helping women & families regain their energy, passion, and joy. While doing this, we work on rebalancing hormonal systems and removing impurities from the body, making the body more alkaline. Our unique process helps eliminate sugar and carbs, salt cravings and allows you to sleep like a baby! Furthermore, it promotes youthful aging.

We also help athletes fuel their bodies at an optimal level, compress their recovery times, and help them achieve their personal best record. (PBR).

Another specialty of mine is home organizational management. I can help you get rid of your clutter and have the home you have always imagined!

François Roy


François is a Registered Psychologist in Alberta since 1996. He is a trauma specialist and addiction specialist, Certified Bioenergetic Therapist, and Self-Regulation Therapist.

François has a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology, a Bachelor’s degree from the Faculté St. Jean, and a Bachelor’s in Theology from the University of Alberta. He is fluent in English and French.

François has been helping people for 31 years.  He has facilitated trauma debriefings for workplace-related fatalities and injuries, conflict and restructuring, disasters (Fort MacMurray, CP Rail), suicides, bank robberies, etc., for over 20 years.  He has been a member of Health Canada’s Psycho-social Emergency Response Team (deployed to Cornwall, ON, during the COVID-19 pandemic). François has worked as an Employee and Family Assistance Counsellor for 25 years and helped many military personnel and veterans since 1998. He practices Bioenergetic Analysis Energy Psychology.

Amanda Slugoski M.A.

Registered Psychologist
Ph: (780) 885-6454

Equinox Therapeutic and Consulting Services

Office-Based and Equine-Assisted Psychology Services
General Fax: (780) 477-1379

Amanda Slugoski is a Registered Psychologist and owner of Equinox Therapeutic and Consulting Services. Equinox Therapeutic provides psychotherapy and counselling services for children, adolescents, adults, and families who are seeking to make positive changes in their life.  We do this through both a conventional office-based therapy model, as well as non-traditional “equine-assisted therapy” model, focusing on supporting individuals with complex trauma and PTSD, addiction, depression, and anxiety.  We are a for-profit business with several non-profit programs that provide free services to Edmonton’s homeless and inner-city community.

Ingrid Schifer

Alpha of the Pack

Schif And The City

Schif And The City helps others to navigate the unknown forests of the internet while socializing brands, building authentic connections, delivering relevant content, and ultimately driving up revenues for clients.